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We are a textile company showing it is possible to produce and consume in a better manner, without compromising ethical and ecological values.



Our path beyond


By Dem was established under the name Dem Collective in the beginning of the Millennium, as a response to garments produced without dignity in an un-ethical and un-ecological manner.  It all began in search of "a good t-shirt”, which led to a brand, a unique production line, and a start up of our own factory. The basic outline for the company was to make clothes produced with respect for "people and planet" from the cotton field to ready-to-wear garment, while honouring core values as transparency and sustainability.  By Dem's foundation can be found in the company name that is inspired by the motto "Don't Eat Macaroni”(DEM), and by the idea that the fast-food industry in many ways resembles the fast-fashion industry. Both industries have little respect for the environment in terms of production, and there are many negative effects on people's health.  We are here to influence consumption patterns while taking responsibility for the consequences of production.  By Dem is the real, no nonsense alternative to all this.


Produce With Us


Our company has evolved and developed and our network has grown around the globe. Today we offer our own product range, and we help other companies to produce in a better way, and to dress smartly in their own branded sustainable profile clothes or own collections alltogether. Read more here


Fabrics by Dem


We are proud to launch Fabrics by Dem, a wide variety of good fabrics, all made in finest, purest fibres. Read more here


T by Dem


Our US partner T by Dem is located in Burlington, Vermont. We joined forces across the Ocean for a more sustainable, beautifully dressed, and happier world! Vermont is the home of Burton Snowboards, Bernie Sanders, Ben& Jerry’s, and Seventh Generations, so we are in good company and trust that our US customers will appreciate our Scandinavian designs and functionality, as well as our quite unique qualities of sustainable textiles and our transparent production chain. Visit our US partner here


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